GAIA VOLT is a business line of GEEC GAIA VITARE dedicated exclusively to the integral management of waste batteries and accumulators.

Batteries and accumulators are devices used to obtain or store electrical energy for the operation of electrical and electronic equipment.

After their useful life is over, they become hazardous waste because they contain highly polluting components and their improper handling can affect human health and the environment.

Batteries and accumulators are present in cell phones, computers, radios, speakers, microwave ovens, watches, cameras, hearing aids, among others.

GAIA VOLT allows the recovery of the materials and by-products obtained from their treatment with innovative processes at national level.

After managing your waste with us, we provide you with a certificate of recovery and/or final disposal, approved by the competent environmental authority.

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What is our goal?

Carry out the proper management of batteries, batteries and accumulators in order to reduce the environmental impact and conserve natural resources with a circular economy approach.

The data proves it:

of batteries and accumulators
+ 0 Tons

have been treated by GAIA VOLT.

usable material.
0 %

Allowing the manufacture of steel for new uses.


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